HOW TO BE A Published Author with Bev Sanford

Normally I talk to people within film and TV, but I also like talking to people in any creative industry and today its books. 

So I’m joined by published author Bev Sanford. Bev has 7 books out and more on the way. She’s written fiction, non fiction and recently contributed to the BBC’s Doctor who Target Story book and I am the Master. 

Since this is not my area of expertise I was very much finding out how getting a book published works. We talked about genres that sell, how the money works, making your work look professional, and what it’s like to write for Doctor Who. 

Bev ‘s debut novel “The Wishing Doll” is part of the teen reads series, her follow up book “Silent Nation” was part of the highly-acclaimed Teen Reads 5 series.

What was it like to write for Doctor who?

Bev went onto write stories for BBC’s Doctor Who books “The Target Storybook” and the latest release “I am the Master”.  Her books are available from Penguin/BBC Books and can be found at Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon and all regular online/physical bookshops.

As well as being an author, Bev works as a professional copyrighter, editor and proofer.  She also acts as social media manager for the Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages for a number of high-profile global brands.

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