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meet the host – Jim eaves

Jim is an award winning film maker with short and feature credits. He has also spent 20 years working as Video Production Manager for an NGB, filming, editing, producing, hiring freelancers and working with agencies.  

A simple mission to help you get started on your career in creative industries. With a new episode every week you don’t want to miss hearing from our experts.

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honest, open advice about your filmmaking career

Are you about to leave Uni with a filmmaking degree? Or want to change careers and work in a creative industry? We want to give you the tools you need to enter the real world of production or freelancing. Honest and open career advice from people in the business.

We also talk to those in other creative industries to discuss their careers, the potential cross over with film production and practical tips for a successful and fulfilling career.

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Adam Basil
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Andrew Rodger
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Jim Eaves
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Cannes Report
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writer & director
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